I was a junkie. I was a drunkard. I was a super-consumer of everything and everyone—anything that would take me away from reality and put me elsewhere. Food had no taste. No matter how decadent the experience, I couldn’t be happy. My insatiable appetite for substance, drink and company was bottomless. Like a vampire to the sunlight, I was deathly afraid of the present moment. I hated who I was, what I had become and where I appeared to be going. I blamed the world. I had no accountability. I contemplated running away and even tried taking the coward’s way out with a few close-call overdoses. But even then, I failed because I was too scared to really go through with it. I was weak at the core. Or maybe…just maybe…it’s because I wasn’t ready to die yet…I wasn’t ready to give up…I wasn’t ready to quit.

As I worked on myself, I avoided focusing on the result and instead focused on the steps—the process. I found that by living consistently in a manner that I admire, I began personifying my beliefs. And that’s exactly what I did through nutrition, exercise, reading, writing, meditation and self-improvement. I had to create the man that I never had in my own life, a hero, fully become him, and now give that person away to the world.

I am finally alive. Living happy, healthy, and wealthy in mind, body and soul.


Originally from New Orleans, my passion for personal service stems from being a United States Marine. I’ve proudly leveraged that among a plethora of other experiences into a career of helping people satisfy some of the most basic human needs – health, happiness and wealth.
I have an affinity for physical and spiritual nutrition. By truly prioritizing my health, I have learned to manifest thoughts into reality. Put simply, the process of resculpting my mind and body saved my life. It has enabled me to lead family, friends and total strangers on similar paths. Nothing on this earth has given me more satisfaction than positively impacting the lives of other people. 
I have a Bachelor of Science in International Trade & Marketing for the Fashion Industries (Summa Cum Laude, Salutatorian) from the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York and a Master of Business for Veterans (MBV) (SALUTE National Honors Society) from the University of Southern California Marshall School of Business.