Are Some People Really Built for Greatness? Why That Mindset is a Myth and How You Can Achieve Greatness No Matter What

A common opinion is that some people are just built for greatness. It’s in their DNA; they are bred that way. There’s a famous line in the film Days Of Thunder where Tom Cruise says, “I’m more afraid of being nothing than I am of being hurt.” People who think that way aren’t ever going to settle for the status quo. They are always going to push the boundaries out past recommended protocol. The constant need to go from good to great is the cornerstone of their foundation. I have always felt this drive deep inside of me, to the core of my being. I too desire to be great. That’s why I relate to that line about being nothing so much because I am scared of being average. I started Life Like Jake with one singular focus in mind: to be the best. Not just the best in my mindset, but the best in what I do for my real estate career in Manhattan. To be the best luxury real estate agent in the game. I started to realize though, being motivated by fear will only get you so far. The desire to be great is what fuels the engine, not a fear of failure or mediocrity.

Focus always on the goal, not the fall. A lot of times we have a goal or a dream in mind that sets the course of action. We are highly motivated to make a change in our lives, so we take the first step. We quickly realize though, that the vision that fueled the mechanism to change was only the beginning. We didn’t realize that tears would soon follow on the path to victory lane. In life, it takes a hell of a lot more than a damn feeling to change your stars. The vision, or the desire to be great, is only the starting point. That only begins the journey. It takes grit and determination to see it through. There are days when you’re not going to feel like it. Those are the days that separate the good ones from the great ones. The great ones take scheduled breaks, they don’t complain and quit when shit doesn’t go their way. They grind it out every – fucking – day regardless of circumstances. The voice to be great is in their ear every morning saying, ‘Wake up, time to get it in.’ Every day is productive. Every day they push through so they don’t have a meltdown. Their burning desire to be great overrides their emotional tirades. 

What you have to ask yourself is, are you one of those people who turns down good to get to great? Do you override your emotions and chase down greatness? Do you put in the work each and every day without excuse? Do you constantly work on self-improvement in all areas of your life? I’m telling you, this is where it’s at. 

Fuck that some people are built for greatness bullshit, we all have it in us. We are all built that way. Somewhere along the way, we let something get inside our heads that made us believe we weren’t. That we should settle for good. That greatness was for those other people, the talented ones. All of us are here for a reason. Every human on the planet was designed with a purpose, with a mission. All of us are meant to be great, everyone of us. Never stop believing in yourself, and keep the vision of your highest self alive in your mind’s eye. The only person who could ever stop you from fulfilling your life’s purpose is you. Remember that. 


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