How Solitude Unlocks the Superhuman In You

There is safety in numbers, and thus safety in thought and action. These numbers make up the herd. The herd teaches us where to walk, where not to walk. Don’t go that route, they say, danger lies ahead. Vote for this candidate, they say, she will free us from the mess we find ourselves in. Read this book, they say, it will be a lamp for your path, a guide for your soul. Go to work and collect a paycheck, and make sure to follow all the rules. The herd advocates for us to stick together, otherwise we will succumb to the horror and terror of thinking for ourselves. That is the voice of the herd. We know it all too well, don’t we?

The path to real happiness begins only when a person finds the courage to break away from the herd and walk steadfastly into the darkness of solitude. Because it is in solitude where we find ourselves for the first time, where we find our strongest power as human beings – the power to create. A true teacher, a good teacher, always leads you away from the herd into solitude so that you may be introduced to yourself. They know they can only take you so far on the journey, the last stretch of road, the last part of the climb, must be taken by the individual – by you. This must be done in the solitude of your own mind, where you can finally begin to hear the voice of your heart speaking for the first time. And if you’re like most people, it is terrifying to finally meet that person, to hear that voice for the first time. Why? Because you are scared to death of what it might say

Through our fears, we soon discover this voice alone that unleashes our power to create. In the book The Alchemist, this is called realizing your Personal Legend. In Thus Spoke Zarathustra, Nietzsche refers to this path of self-enlightenment as creating the Superman, the person who overcomes themself. All major theology speaks of dying to an old nature paving the way of regeneration, a spiritual birth in which a person is placed on a higher path.   

Other people can only teach you so much, at some point you must find the courage to break away from the herd and create your own philosophy – one that is yours and yours alone. People can come and go in life, free from the obligation of attachment or fear of abandonment. When you operate in the plane of love and creativity of self, the people around you will feel the freedom to express themselves openly and honestly, not only with you, but with themselves. Ultimately, this is the greatest gift a person can give another human being: the gift to be who they are, and to trust themselves. This is the philosophy that spawned LIFE LIKE JAKE: the power of an individual who broke away from the herd, who found the power of creativity. To wield the power of love for the sole purpose of empowering people to just be themselves. To stop judging themselves and just let it be. To break away from the crippling effects of herd mentality and express themselves in any form they see fit. To find their Personal Legend, to become their own Superhuman.


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