If you ever want to know how to completely destroy your own soul, just start settling. Start compromising. Give in to pressure. Laugh at jokes when they aren’t funny. Agree to go out with someone when you really don’t want to. Never say no. Be afraid to say the word no. Have a scarcity mindset. Be fucking afraid of missed opportunities! Be afraid to lose friends and relationships! Operate out of this mindset and you are sure to fuck your life off good and proper like. I mean really begin to think of other people and things as the prize and not yourself. Dress like em, talk like em, think like em; be a social robot. A walking, talking idiot. People will jockey themselves into position to control your life. This society and all its bullshit will gladly destroy the beautiful person locked away deep inside you, if you let it. 

One of your most powerful resources you have as a human being is your ability to maneuver and operate within a sphere of personal independence. You’re the master of your own Universe. When you value your own individuality and opinion over any other person in existence, you will become an unstoppable force. No other human being on the planet knows what’s best for you the way you do. No one. I don’t give a fuck who it is: Tony Robbins, the Pope, Britney Spears, or the whole lot of them. They might have good tertiary advice in some instances, but they could never know you as you know yourself. This is why the process of self discovery is so important. When you go through the excruciating process of developing self awareness, you’ll for the first time know exactly what you want in life. When you can look yourself in the mirror and see what areas you’re all fucked up in, develop a plan of action, and folllow through on it, you will develop an abundance mindset. You’ll be standing center stage in the game of Life for the first time, ready to beat some ass.

Scarcity mindset is the mother of all evils. Destroy it before it destroys you. You know what the number one reason people are miserable and unhappy in their profession is? The reason why most marriages fail? The mother fucker settled! It was doomed from the start. It never had a chance in the first place. They were too busy to fail at what they really wanted, so they compromised. They bought into a narrative others around them had set for them. They looked around and started competing with the Jones’. They compromised their identity for a pipe dream that wasn’t even their own. They started looking at the clock and got scared time would run out and they fucking settled. Yet all they had to do was stare in the accountability mirror and be present with themselves for five goddamn minutes to figure out what they really wanted. 

The accountability mirror will tell you all you need to know. Look long and hard into it. Who do you want to be? What do you really want in life? No bullshit, what is it? Identify it, then go do it. I swear to you it’s that simple. And fuck what they will think about it. You’ve lived decades for them, where has that gotten you? You can’t help anyone until you’ve first helped yourself. Facts. When you’ve cultivated self awareness, identified your goals, and set out on a course to accomplish them, you will experience what an abundance mindset feels like. The power of it is incredible. To go from good to great is the best feeling in the world. And if you fail? Well…

It’s better to crash and burn than to never take flight.


Where you live matters.

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