Millions of people like you, like your closet circle, who are awake…going after it….doing, being, creating, growing…that’s where the other millions of people are not. Never stop. Never listen to those who mislabel dreamers, achievers, creators, artists. The critics love to use psychological labels and condemn those who are persistent in their quest for self-discovery. They do it to everyone except, and ironically, not to star athletes. I don’t hear them saying, “Tom Brady, LeBraun James and Serena Williams are overachievers. They’re workaholics; they have unmet needs; they are narcissists; they were precocious as children; they had ADHD; they sucked their thumbs—on and on and on.

The enlightened instead say of the toddler or little boy, or young girl, teenager, middle age woman, or octogenarian who breaks the mold and never looks back, keep going, the best is yet to come. The criticism of women trying to succeed was worse when I was growing up. Yet, millions of women who were labeled “overachievers; don’t know their place across the economic spectrum”, gave 110% of themselves for themselves and for their families.

It matters only that you discover your potential and let it go. Let it show you what power it is. You are awakened early in life by it because you are born with it. Associate with like minded people, honey. You’ve learned the hard way how to pick and choose your friends and activities. Remember, you are in your 30’s—the world is yours. To which, the fake news about “over the hill” 40 is truly fake news. It is not a decline, unless you see it that way.

40 is the Renaissance. It is a biological spurt, a spiritual and mental catapult. You can be healthier, stronger, wealthier and happier because you can. Don’t pay attention to the naysayers. The books you read are not jokes. Bathe in the dreams others have chosen to share with you so willfully. The secrets of the world are hidden in books…

I talk to you with what comes out of my heart. The famous people I mention are examples. You have lots more names. There are other doers and creators who never stop. They are everywhere. 


Where you live matters.

Drop me a note and let’s start hunting…