Don’t tell me how the fuck I should think, I have complete autonomy over my entire being. Don’t tell me what is right and wrong, I know the voice of my own conscience, I’ll decide that. Don’t tell me what I should be doing, I control my world. This is a dictatorship and I assume complete responsibility over all of my actions. Don’t tell me something cannot be done, how the fuck could you ever presume to know the power of my own mind? Sit there and watch while I do the things you said couldn’t be done. I have an unlimited source of potential bottled up inside me that is just waiting to get out. It is bursting at the seams. 

When I sit in meditation, I see my future incubating in bright light. And it goes far beyond the limitations you have set for me. I’ve been down the road of fear and doubt, I know where it leads. It leads to compromise and regret. I can no longer be ruled by the thoughts of other humans because I have developed the skills necessary to move to a higher plane of reality. It knows no bounds. If I can see it in my head, I know it can be done. Period. Everything human beings have ever accomplished started with the crazy notion that it could be done. They did this despite or in spite of individuals which exist for the sole purpose of extinguishing dreams. In spite of them they achieved greatness. 

Any dream you have, any fucking thing imaginable, should be explored, must be explored. It should be taken seriously and not dismissed. It should be meditated on and visualized. Be emotionally involved in your vision. Nurture your dreams. Tend to the fire of your life. Never let another human interrupt you while you are on the path. It’s nothing but pure bullshit and conjecture, they offer nothing but distraction. They will take you off the path if you let them. 

You can’t rule great people when they have all of their skills. When a human being has its mind and body in complete congruence, it has no limitations. It has transcended limitations and moved into the realm of limitless possibilities. There are no boundaries for that person because they are living in a world where they are in sync with the creative power of the Universe. They have opened the door to their cells and left the prison of self doubt and fear. They no longer seek the approval of other people. If you would pick out a destination, set a course, and tell everyone that doubts you to go fuck themselves, you’d be blown away by the life that awaits you. 


Where you live matters.

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