Jake 2013 to 2018


Founded in 2017, LIFE LIKE JAKE is an elite mindset training program that puts candidates through a rigorous unplugging to rewire their thought processes and understandings of the world as they see it, and of life itself. Doing so produces autonomous beings who are principle based and purpose driven, able to harness the power of the Universe to enact the change in their lives they so deeply desire.

Power Of Self

We believe in the power of self, in one's own ability to create a specifically designed reality tailored to meet his or her individual needs.

Obey our Conscience

We believe in spontaneous right action; consciously choosing the correct moral decision in every situation that brings happiness to ourselves and to those around us. We obey our conscience; we don’t betray ourselves. To disobey your own conscience is to split yourself.

Meat-based Whole Food Diet

We believe in a meat based, whole foods diet with animal fat being the main source of energy. We understand that what we put into our mouths has a direct impact on how we move and think. Eating the correct foods unlocks the mind to begin the path of self-discovery.

Power of Subconscious Mind

We believe in the power of the subconscious mind. Using auto suggestion, we can implant personalized goals into the infinite intelligence that exists within us all to accomplish anything that can be imagined within our own mind.

Masters of Our Universe

We do not under any circumstances make excuses or complain about the external environment we find ourselves in; we are exactly where we want to be at all times. If we find ourselves in an undesirable set of circumstances, or internal state, we begin the painstaking and rewarding process of self-actualization to enact positive change. We are the masters of our Universe.

Principle over Pleasure

We believe in principle over pleasure. To perpetually seek pleasure only causes pain. The pursuit of knowledge is the only source of power and contentment, it is unending in its rewards.

Discipline and Subtraction

We believe in a life of discipline and subtraction to bring about true wealth and happiness. Everything we could ever need or want already exists within us; health is wealth.

Be the Best at One Thing

We believe that every person on earth is capable of being the best at one specific thing. When we find out what that one thing is, we do it to the best of our abilities with joy in our heart.

Be Relentless in Pursuit of Your Goal

Lastly, we never give up. We are relentless in the pursuit of our goals. We give a fuck what someone thinks about how we live our lives, we are self-governing terminators, world movers. We dream big, never small. We know that we are limitless in our ability to imagine and attain exactly what we want in this life, so long as it benefits the greater good; all is one.