With all my heart and soul, I want you to be happy. I want the best for you. I want you to be safe, be healthy, live a life of ease, see your heart’s desires come to fruition and smile…to live a happy and successful life. I want you to see my best side too. I want you to remember me happy and healthy…enjoying life. Thank you for loving me throughout all the hardships. Thank you for hanging in there with me. You never gave up on us.

When I see the cat, I am reminded of you: agile, intuitive, Queen of her terrains…coy and inquisitive. She paces lightly but calculative on a daily basis, ever-appreciative of her abundance in health, intelligence, fortitude and love.

Trust my trust in you. Have faith in my faith in you. Do so with all of your heart as I do with all of mine. My soul reaches out to you with joy…knowing all things meant for you are possible. Truly you do rule the world. Your world begins in your heart. Your heart, open and courageous, is filled with optimism, trust, faith, belief, and knowing. These are priceless gifts. They are your powers with which you were born. You need not anything else to conquer the world and yourself. Trust, faith, belief, and knowing are each very compelling and wonderful. These are your powers. These powers are larger than you and larger than life.

Yet, they are you and are yours to maintain true north and keep pace on your journey. I know you know. I have only selfless love for you. My love for you is to give you safety. My love for you is to give you lift at all times. All is well my son. Stay close to your heart. Those things that may weigh on you, the powerful oppressor, the cunning temptations cannot take away your heart. This is where your spirit thrives. And you are connected to the greatest spirit that rules over all of the universes. I see you through the eyes of my heart.

You ask:

“Why have I been running to or fro?”

For perspective my dear son. For wisdom. For patience. For understanding. For evolution. For creating. For the joy of expanding, growing and living.

“But why running and not walking?”

Because you were supposed to get there quickly. Because the lessons were intense and intentionally short. Because the pace was predetermined. Because after all, when the world is yours it is not meant to be enjoyed all in one day.

You did very well. Look at what is in store for you now. Running is not required. When you look outside, look at how expansive the sky is and the hilltops that go on forever. This is only a little bit of how much I love you.


Where you live matters.

Drop me a note and let’s start hunting…