It is said that walking on eggshells means not saying or doing anything that may be perceived controversial or initiate an argument. Likewise, the phrase’s alleged origin dates to the 19th century practice of walking cautiously in a hen house so as not to disturb the laying mothers. Although many of us don’t literally walk on our tiptoes into a henhouse to collect freshly laid eggs, metaphorically we may do so socially when interacting with certain people…many people.

Walking on eggshells is a succinct description of how you dodge the wrath of a person who is easily disturbed by being careful with what you say and what you do. It is a workable  solution to a chronic issue with a catch—results may vary and you may become a victim of your own tiptoeing. But when I see eggshells I tend to think beyond the hen house, to sweet smelling flowers, potted plants and growing up with a loving mother who nurtured her vast array of perennials and blooms with cracked eggshells. I saw my mother break cracked eggshells in her hands, into small pieces, into the soil as if she were infusing magic. Her healthy gardenias, roses, lilies, geraniums, ferns, and ivies proved that eggshells are super food.

So it is with us. Cracked eggshells are super food for the soul and mind/body connection. This too can be used to help you grow, become and expand into a better person…a great bloomer.


Where you live matters.

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