My dearest son, you are on the right track. It hurts nothing and no one to be kind, to do good, to be a good man, to be a good husband, to be a good father, to care for and protect yourself, your wife and your children. To be diligent, watchful and wary of the enemy. To be wise, industrious and fruitful. To wake up in the morning with good intentions, to be of service and provide value throughout the day. To fall asleep at night in conversation with God in gratitude, in hope and with expectations for tomorrow and always.

But the OPPOSITE OF ONLY ONE of these things is to step into the darkness, into danger, into deception, into deceitfulness, into delusion, into ensnarement , into entrapment. It becomes habit to dupe, to manipulate, to conspire, to destroy the soul or psyche of another human being with wanton recklessness without satiation. It becomes natural. It simply becomes the person—mentally emotionally and physically.

The brain, after years and cycles of training of connection and disconnection of refinement, finds its rhythm, its comfort level…and thrives in that MO. It exudes out of their mouths the poisoned words and tormented thoughts. It reflects their hearts by their lack of respect for boundaries, by lack of not doing what should be done. It reveals their emotions through their willful actions of neglect and disregard—their ease with a willingness to commit a wrong. And it twists and contorts their bodies—the face, forehead, eyes, voice, posture, hands, feet, legs…the energy.

The closer you and your brother get to your real selves—the loving joyful bright playful optimistic boys that you are—the more you are in the light and the more you both shall see. The opposite would be to be what they expect, need, want and have groomed you for all of your childhood and young adult life. Take an inventory of yourselves. Look at yourselves mentally, emotionally and physically? Have you gotten better? Was there a time when either of you were in the darkness? How clear are you now mentally, emotionally and physically?

As I like to say, as clear as spring water or as clear as Rio Grande water in Laredo Texas.

Be free with your brother.  Be free to shout at the enemy.  Be free to defy them all. Even me. We hold over you. We cannot and will not dictate your lives. Nothing and no one can come between you and the energy that is you. Be  courageous with Alec and keep the enemy out. Build an even stronger fortress around your family, a stronger net of protection over your marriage with gates of stronger, thicker iron. Learn from this lesson and teach your children. Set up the conditions for you to thrive, for you to be happy. Those of us who love you will support you.

Your mother is very proud of you. You are amazing. You are beautiful. You are outstanding. 

We are on our track, our mission with 100% commitment and belief because we have to take care of our own self and our family. And we will. You have investors investing in you because you add value wherever you are.


Where you live matters.

Drop me a note and let’s start hunting…